A conceptual framework I coined last year shows up again, and apparently I am a YouTuber now. Also: a new, limited-run, subscriber-only newsletter: The Nature of Software.
This is a case study of how I solved a business-slash-UX problem that had been nagging at me for years, by ultimately rolling up my sleeves and writing…
Not so much a hot take, as a catalyzing event for disgorging a long-chewed rumination about what happens when Twitter irrevocably starts to suck.
You know, I had been thinking I might be due for a clip show. With the recent spike in subscribers, let's have a recap to see what you've been missing.
…we have a certain partially evolved state of a structure. This state is described by the wholeness: the system of centers, and their relative nesting…
Model the world you want to live in.
In which I tell you what the heck I've been up to for the last seven—well, at least the last three—months.
All the hot takes have been hotly taken, so this is a meditation about some stuff I've been working on. And I have a new phrase for you: Opportunistic…
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The Making of Making Sense