In which I tell you what the heck I've been up to for the last seven—well, at least the last three—months.
All the hot takes have been hotly taken, so this is a meditation about some stuff I've been working on. And I have a new phrase for you: Opportunistic…
Ways in which mythologies can have a real impact, and a working mythology for intelligence.
Considering the conditions under which it's actually cheaper (easier, quicker, etc.) to pitch client projects than it is to apply for jobs.
Toys for thinking (and arguing), NFT LOL, and Product™
In which I bloviate about some more about the Cloud, compare AI and cryptocurrency to cigarettes, and flirt with the idea of getting a nine-to-five.
No, this is not a signal of impending monetization of this newsletter; rather I want to talk about commerce around content (i.e., information) in…
This week I am thinking about situated-ness, the relationships we make with others, and our expectations of them. (This newsletter was originally twice…
The orange menace has finally been silenced. It is actually uncanny just how …normal… everything feels.
In which our protagonist discovers live-streaming everyday activities.
Facts and figures will never beat stories on persuasiveness. Bullshit will always be cheaper than reality. That said… (⚠ These claims are disputed.)
In which I discuss a rationale for, and introduce my work on, “permeable” information systems.