Big update of many threads coming together: my upcoming Information Architecture Conference talk, a new chapter of The Nature of Software, and what's…

January 2023

Meditating on what it would take to design information systems that gave third parties only the information they needed to operate.

December 2022

In which our intrepid protagonist really steps in it.

November 2022

Or: Who Moved My Cheese? Twitter Edition

September 2022

In which I consider some work that I did and what it would be worth in different contexts, as well as why I did it.
An update on what I've been up to this summer, plus an essay on the public's understanding of digital technology.

June 2022

This issue is work-centric, but I'll be back to bloviating soon enough. I am really excited about The Nature of Software though, and a couple other…

May 2022

A conceptual framework I coined last year shows up again, and apparently I am a YouTuber now. Also: a new, limited-run, subscriber-only newsletter: The…

April 2022

This is a case study of how I solved a business-slash-UX problem that had been nagging at me for years, by ultimately rolling up my sleeves and writing…
Not so much a hot take, as a catalyzing event for disgorging a long-chewed rumination about what happens when Twitter irrevocably starts to suck.
You know, I had been thinking I might be due for a clip show. With the recent spike in subscribers, let's have a recap to see what you've been missing.

March 2022

…we have a certain partially evolved state of a structure. This state is described by the wholeness: the system of centers, and their relative nesting…